Sunday, 13 April 2014

Picture Palooza Part One

I decided to post some pics first. There's still some greAt ones that Sara's fiance took and sent me too that I want to post too!  It was a great fun day, if long, lol. Had to have makeup done at 3:30 am.  My only complaint this past week? Thirst... it seemed all of physique ladies ha  that same one.  We all just wanted water, water after the night show.

So, I got trophies. However, I was last, lol.  They're we're only 3 of us in Master's 40+. I got 3rd. There were 5 in my height class in the Open. I got 5th. It's all good though. I loved it. I knew going in that I still have so much to do and a ton to grow. I will say that all of the women in Physique were ripped and awesome looking - not me, lol.  They were also ! ok nice & encouraging that I didn't even feel bad or overly embarrassed to be standing among them. Yay!

And this time I actually had abs too!

I saw Phil Heath & Branch Warren wandering about.

Sara's fiance, Barry, brought us Voodoo doughnuts for afterwards. Oh my goodness! My belly hurt after but it was delicious!!

My fellow physique gal & teammate & friend T-Bone!
Funny, I have 2 girlfriends nicknamed that!!


Chelle Stafford said...

You look absolutely beautiful! Way to go!!!!! :-)

Tenecia said... never told me that Phil was there?!?!!? :)

I love seeing all of the pics!


Lapetitemort said...

Thank you, Chelle!

T., weird, I've been seeing him around, more & more! I also sat by Sara & Alina Poops! Anne Claiborne was by us too. Rose Brunner was handing out trophies, plus she works out at my gym location. :) Love living here for this, lol.