Monday, 21 April 2014

Man Crush Monday

Really, I wanted to say "Man Meat" "Man Candy Monday."
Is that so wrong?
It is the day after Easter, and I didn't partake of anything of the candy variety.
So, this is my sugar replacement, haha.

Do you remember the episode of "Friends" where they discussed their top 5 celebrity "freebie" list?
Or am I showing my age here?
In case you're not familiar, the list contained 5 people you were allowed a free pass with and it wouldn't be counted as cheating.
Fun, right?
Yeah, I have lists.
In actuality, I know if I ever really met any of these folks and said, "Hey  so you're on my freebie list. Hubs says it's cool if I take you back and do really wicked, dirty, dirty things to you that you could  probably never even imagine," that they'd laugh in my face. Hence, the fun of the list and being able to openly lust, ogle, drool, admire these men. 
That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. 

One more quick funny. You know those things on guys that make smart girls stupid?
Some call it the Adonis Belt.
A friend of mine told me one better.  He is also someone that has a great appreciation for the male form.
When he told me what he calls them, I really did spit and choke on my coffee.
He told me they are called.....
See, all of  my friends have dirty, filthy minds.

Now, on with the man candy!!!!

If you haven't seen this man, well, you're welcome!
This is Alex Minsky.
He's a former Marine,  now Fitness model, and underwear model. I've even seen him on the cover of a few steamy novels recently.
This guy definitely puts me in the dreaded cougar territory because I think he's around 25.
But that's ok because I'm just admiring the pretty :)
(All photos snagged from Pinterest)

In closing

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Tenecia said...

Cum Gutters...G.I. Joe lines....D'Angelo cuts...whatever they're called....I love them...