Friday, 11 April 2014

Five Fun Facts

In an effort to get my mind off thirst and being fatigued and nerves, I thought I'd share a few silly things about me.

  1. I'm petrified of sharks. Nope, never have watched "Jaws" although I did see one scene in one of the sequels where they were in a Sea World type place and a head floated up. I can't even see a picture without freaking out and  have to slam a book, magazine or comic shut if there is one in there. I have someone else turn the pages until it's all clear. 
  2. Here's an add on. I absolutely love the beach and water. However, it makes me cautious of going in the water very far above my ankles. And yes, I had fears of one being in the pool, the toilet, or even coming through the faucet in the bathtub. Puts a damper on things. I also love boats, but am better in brackish or fresh water ;)
  3. I grew up in a swamp, coon-ass town in Louisiana. People often ask why I really don't have an accent. I worked hard to lose it because when I began working in the big city of New Orleans, I was teased about it. 
  4. If I get tipsy or really mad, well, that accent comes back quite fierce. It's something I don't even realize, but others get a kick out of  it when it does happen. I suspect the they have ordered me extra just to hear it in the past.
  5. This one may not be New, but I'm a little of the exhibitionist. What? Couldn't tell with the past performing and now the competing? For the most part nudity doesn't bother me, except mine - but I don't want it to. Hey, I did grow up with a father who was an amazing painter. There were no shortage of nudes (art) around the house & it was never spoken about in any negative manner. Though both of my parents at  quite, quite conservative and prudish. They often wonder where I came from.
So, any fun facts about you? Want to know some more silly things about me? Tell me what! 



Lacey Bang said...

YAY! So exciting LPM!!! Sending you positive confident vibes for the stage!!! :)

Tenecia said...

Do NOT be nervous!!! You're going to be amazing!