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Five Fun Facts and Pimping Out Authors that I'm having Font Love For

So, I'm back from the gym, not quite ready to get to my contract work, and have fresh French Pressed, hot, black coffee.

To step away from fitness for a moment, let's have some fun!
I'm going to chat with "Five Fun Facts About Me."

Then, I'm going to share and pimp out authors that I currently love.
There are two that have amazing books and are so open to fans and their questions.  Today, I will introduce you to one (Lucian Bane) in this post.
Then, maybe later today or tomorrow, the other. 
(Lena Black.  I've mentioned her before and want to go more in depth about my love for her.  She is amaze-ballz)

  1. I used to be a writer for the now defunct  Yep, they used to send me out to venues to interview bands, review their concerts, etc.  It was a fun gig.  Toward the end, I was even editing and proofreading the other writers' work.  ~gasp~ I even got a small payment!  Really, it wasn't too shabby for a gig like that back then.
  2. I still currently host a podcast.  We are not as consistent as they should be.  Most were done in a state of utter inebriation.  Hmmm, maybe that's why they are so sporadic, hahaha?  (You know the past year has been super limited on the libations for me.  And you competing ladies know how it is in prep or close to prep, nada)

 Photo by the spectacular Norman Dillon Photography!

3. I spent a ton of time in the goth/fetish scene back home.  Went to a few fetish balls, observed some things, talked... Hey, Gene Simmons even showed up at one we were at.  Funny.
I used to even know a professional Dominatrix, meaning she was paid for her services and was even in a few mainstream adult fetish films.  I found her very intriguing and interesting.  She even had a "dungeon/playroom."  She had a medical background so many of her clients wanted special things done to them which included lots of needles. I'll leave your imagination run.  She wound up moving her and her dungeon to California.  She was also a burlesque performer back home.  She also did shibari. (I know another lovely lady here who does shibari and kinbaku and does demonstrations - she's also a burlesque performer.) 
Needless to say, I've read "50 Shades of Gray."  Eh.  
(I happen to have another fun fact that happened recently, with a "DOM" contacting me out of the blue,.... say what?  But that's for another day.)

4. Which leads me to 4.  For the newer folks who haven't read for very long, I also was a burlesque performer here in Colorado since 2007.  I guess that I've retired since the beginning of 2013.  Fitness sort of took over.  I enjoyed it though, thoroughly.  

For the record, I was also a new recruit at the same time for roller derby.  However, the bruises and fishnet burn did not exactly make for a pretty burlesque performer.  Since I was being paid handsomely to perform, I ditched scrimmages and became a referee instead for the roller derby league.

5. This is something new.  Yesterday, I was contacted by a local group to see if I would be interested in being in a local horror, zombie film and if I would be comfortable with dialogue.  Interesting, no?  I'm currently finding out information.  This may or may not pan out to be something that happens.  All the same, it was neat being asked.

Author Love

Now, on to some juicy stuffs.  I got back into reading hardcore this past prep.  Stair-monster time was part of the time.  Gotta love a kindle with a big screen and only having to swipe a finger as your panting away. Then, being exhausted every night, I would read in bed until I passed out. 

I have recently become acquainted with Lucian Bane and his works - DOM 

This is a little blurb from Amazon's author's page:
I'm an Ineffable Dom. That just means, do yourself a favor and please don't try to describe me or fit me into your categories. Complicated Dom, Intricate Dom, Confounding Dom work too.

Here's the interesting part.  Lucian is a real Dom.  He offers advice to real men and women about any of their questions.  He has been doing Q&A's online, as well.  He's funny, witty, and loves interacting with fans. If this isn't enough to love him, there's the books!  The writing! ~hot~

Currently, there are three books out in the series with more to come.  I have the first two, and last night, I was lucky enough to wind DOM WARS Round 3 from Naughty Lit for Chics

What are these books about, you ask?  Lucian Bane!  

Tired of the way Doms are portrayed or thought to be like, he is a "real" Dom.  Though he has quit and left the lifestyle, circumstances push him to audition for a new reality series looking for just that and called, of course, "DOM Wars."  He meets Tara at the audition, naive to all things BDSM but needs the money (one million dollars!) that the winner will receive from the show.  I'll leave you at that to pique your interest.  

In Round 2, Lucian and Tara have made it to, well Round 2 of DOM WARS!  The challenges become harder for both the show and them.  The characters evolve more here.  You get to know them in more depth, and I grew to like Tara more.  She rubbed me the wrong way in the first one, a little bit.  Plus, you have the other "cast" to learn more about too.

And hey, the story is just hot.  I love the male point of view for a story like this.  It gives it a different edge from many of the other stories out there, most of which have become quite mundane and predictable.

I'm giddy with anticipation to dig into Round 3, now that I've received it.  I also know that I will be utterly heart broken when he finally finishes writing the books. 
Go, give this series a read!  And show them some love on the Book of Faces!

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