Thursday, 10 April 2014


My abs have come in!
Front thigh and abdominals, BAM!
My legs have definitions, especially in front double bicep!
Whoot! Whoot!
That was last night in all of my "porcelain" glory under the fluorescent lights.

Today was last workout which was wonderful because carb depletion, water depletion and no sodium hit me hard today.
My ass, well, we knew that is my problem area.
As I've stated, it's my long term goal.
Still, it's better than last time.
Small progress is still progress, right?

Tomorrow is the hardest part,
the anticipation of Saturday.
Check in, suit check, weigh in, tanning, meeting, Team meetup and checks and chatter, food changes,....
Then, up at 2am on Saturday morning to head up to Golden for my makeup appointment.
The ups and downs of excitement and just ready for it to be over.

Unfortunately, Sunday, we're supposed to get 4" to 5" of snow? 
Yep, 70 degrees Saturday and snow and cold Sunday.
There goes my plans for slutty wear (well for me) and walking about in proudness of the body I worked so hard for.
Colorado, you're drunk, make up your mind!
No matter what, I plan on having pictures!!
Have to document the abs if nothing else!

I also have even started of thinking of the next goal....
Jumping the gun?

Now, back to work because tomorrow is going to be busy, busy, busy!!!

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