Sunday, 27 April 2014

Denied or Rather Delayed

I have been professing that this year would be season of the slut wear.
I had been planning to hit our adult/stripper store all week.
Today, it is cold & rainy boo.
So  I had to dress warm to go.
This is what happens when you're trying to try on stretchy dresses with tights, knee socks & combat boots.

Actually not bad, lol.
I wound up with two dresses and a slew of other items.
It also turned out that they gave me a free pair of shoes with every $50 spent.
Yeah, I wound up with 3 New pairs of stripper shoes.
And I'm part of there rewards program & got another $15 off.
Can you say, "eff yes!"

So, now I'm back home with fresh French Pressed coffee. 
Sweet, sweet coffee.

I've also found my next mission.
I will do this.

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Tenecia said...

That dress!!!!!