Saturday, 26 April 2014

Ab Obsession, & other Funny Shite

Have I mentioned that I began paper journaling again, besides starting the photo album?
You know, so that when I'm old and senile the folks taking care of me will know that I was once a bad ass bitch?
In the course of this, I've remembered some funny stuff.  I'm going to share some of those with you towards the end, & sprinkled through posts..
 I think that I'm coming to have an unhealthy obsession with George, my abs.  I really do talk to him, pet him & admire him. I think S may even think I'm going slightly nuts because I'm constantly lifting up my shirt around the house and rubbing them & going "Can you see them?"  I'm definitely a dork.
Last night at team workout, I got to meet Creative Galina. You know her & her Dumbbell Couture jewelry? I saw her post on Facebook and that she was at Armbrust. I commented, "Hey, I'm headed there now." She said to hurry it up, lol. I met her in the locker room, not knowing she was coming back later to talk to us. :) I now have another girl crush and her booty is fine! ~booty envy~

I'm probably going to be condemned to hell for this one. Then, I remember that my staunch Catholic mother even smirked. Of course that was after her giving me the first & middle name spoken in that admonishing 'I taught you better' tone.
The Mormons are pretty adamant here when stalking out prey. They came religiously daily to our door. Every day, I tried as politely as possible to deter them.  There's only so much that a southern genteel lady can endure though.  I actually prepared for their coming the next day. I dressed all white trash, wife beater, grabbed a bottle  of god knows what & cranked up the tunes.  When they rang the bell that day, I answered and made their day when I told them, "So, we've discussed it and we've decided that we're interested, but we have one question." Their little eyes lit up and they nodded, you know in that go on manner? With as straight of a face as I could manage I asked, " Yeah so we want to know when we get the 2nd wife?" And they have never been seen at our house again. And that is your laugh of the day.


Melissa Cunningham said...

haha! yes,you are going to hell in a handbasket----but at least you and George will be together! and btw,
you look amazing!! I loved all the pics you posted of the show!!!!!

Lapetitemort said...

Thanks Melissa :)
Maybe I'll even be driving the bus, haha