Thursday, 3 April 2014

9 Days to Go

We had some posing last night.
This is always a fun site, especially last night.
All of us girls in our blinged out suits, holding rubbermaids, scarfing food between rounds/categories.
It's weird because all of the time all the dudes start to hang around the room we're in.
You know, all of a sudden they all want to weigh themselves and get stuff from the area in front of the glass which is offset.

Speaking of, yeah, now on Pinterest I find myself looking a pretty, pretty, muscular tattooed men.  You know, helping get the heart rate higher during cardio. i swear that I'm becoming a dirty, pervy, old lady.
When I'm old and harmless looking, I'll be that feisty one who smacks their butts as they walk by, probably for real, lol.

It rained on the drive home last night.
Woke up this morning to 3+ inches of snow, and it's still coming down.
This made it incredibly hard to get out of bed this morning.
I lingered far too long snuggled in my covers with an extra cup of coffee.
I did, however, spend some time looking more like a girl today.
Still no makeup, because what's the point when I'll be a hot mess after?
Look I'm in pink!
 Look me in my chonies (thanks T!) trying to see that shit still.
 We're under orders for next week, only workouts, our work and rest.
Suggested no spooning or forking either!?
Just thought ya'll would get a kick out of that one.

In other shallow random-ness.
A few folks suggested that I go back to darker hair.
I've actually been kicking around the idea for a while now.
Though, I did promise coach that I would not do anything before next weekend.
She's scared that I'll come in with a mohawk or pink or purple or something.....
Hahaha, she knows me far too well.

But, I'm thinking of going back to this one.

I'll think about it in the meantime.
I you all are probably sick of seeing this one, but it is one of my favorite pics of me.
I'm going to put it in a photo album so when I am that said old lady, I can whip it out and say, "See, I used to be hot!"


Lacey Bang said...

Oooh I love it when girls go red/auburn. Do it! :D

Lapetitemort said...

I'm tempted!