Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How Lucky Am I & 3 weeks and a few days left!

That's right, 3 weeks and a few days.
I'm a little freaked out, ya know, because it's creeping up on me faster and faster!!

You gals know how it goes as you get this close.
The cardio increases, food changes..... carbs are a cycling.
I have even gotten to the point where there's not even tinted moisturizing going on in the morning.
I just fall out of bed, eat Meal 1, wash my face, brush my teeth, and go to the gym.

I will admit, I am exhausted.
Thoughts of bananas, peanut butter, and avocados dance across my mind.
Is that weird?
I just want to snuggle under the covers and not move for a day.
I would love an Old Fashioned or a nice glass of absinthe.

I made a comment the other day about how it would be a dream to have a treadmill or something in the house for the next month.
Guess what?  One of my friends is letting me borrow hers!
She owned a gym and a wrestling association here.
When she sold it, she kept some of the equipment.
Guess who's going to pick that up maybe tomorrow?
Oh my gosh, pure heaven not having to try and get to the again gym in the evening or bust out 2 rounds of cardio and weights all in one visit!!!!
Isn't it crazy what makes me all happy?
Or I can roll out in my pj's and knock out morning cardio and not worry about rushing to the gym or getting caught in the morning rush.

 May I point out an interesting phenomenon at the gym lately?
Flirting from some of the men?
I'm not used to it.
It's strange.
Even when I was single, men never flirted with me, or very, very rarely.
And I will point out that I wear my wedding band too.

I'm still abstaining from selfies.
It's super hard because I want to snap and compare.
Friday, I'm tempted to ask and see some comparisons from Coach.
Oh, and I think, starting next week we're going 2x a week for out posing sessions.
Long way to travel, but good because that damn front abdominals pose is my nemesis right now.  I just am having a hard freaking time nailing it.
And the 2 routines.....

Excitement & dread all rolled into one
looking forward to my awesome body being revealed! 

And the band that I've been obsessed with but has been spurring me on through cardio:


Melissa Cunningham said...

3 wks left??
hang in there!!!!
and a trick I leaned about that front abdominals pose,you may have heard about this- is to just exhale and give a silent laugh,all with a big smile of course!
if I tried to flex,the abs wouldn't pop,but once I relaxed and sighed out--boom there they were!!

keep rocing and rolling along chica!!!!
you got this!!!!!

v8grrl said...

So awesome.... You are going to great! I just gave my friend an entire huge bottle of absinthe which I knew I would never drink....I should have saved it for you

Lapetitemort said...

Melissa, thanks for that tip! I'm trying & it seems to look better, haha. Practice, practice, practice....

Myssi, it's okay. I have a little bottle of some French one that is just waiting patiently ;)

Chelle Stafford said...

I agree with Melissa on the silent laugh... that's how we got mine to pop on stage. I can still hear my coach screaming from the audience, "Laugh!!!" Hahaha!!!
So excited for you!!

Lacey said...

Love it! A treadmill in the home will be so nice!!!