Friday, 21 March 2014

3 weeks

Tonight is team training and posing practice which means a super long day.
I won't get home from that unit around 11pm.
This also means, weight, pinching & pictures.
It's a leg workout which means we take over the leg room in the back of Armbrust and Sara becomes a sadist, lol.
Oooh, and the new women's locker room is finished too!
Tomorrow, I know that I will barely be able to move.
I must be a slight masochist though because I love that DOMS pain, haha

Coffee loves me, and I it.
Today there shall be copious amounts.
I am super lucky, though. Yesterday, I went to my friend's house and picked this baby up.
I can now do cardio at home!!!
Oh my gosh, how this has made me so excited. The sucker even folds up!
You gals know how wonderful this is when you don't have to leave at night to go back out for round 2 of cardio?
Or super early in the morning?

Oh, also yesterday, was S and my 10 year anniversary.
He wanted to take me out for dinner and such, but 3 weeks out?
We'll save it for when I am able to indulge.
But how awesome is he?
He gifted me with black diamond earrings and a black diamond pendant, both set in white gold.
He said black diamonds, as black as my soul, ha! 
We joke, maybe.
(Last year from my birthday, but we still look the same)

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Lacey said...

Happy Anniversary! So exciting, only a few more weeks!!