Monday, 24 March 2014

20 effing Days...

So close!
Guess who the guest poser is?
Yep, Branch Warren!
I'm hoping that I get to watch and am not backstage when he's up.
Really, I'd love to see Trish Warren live - ya know, my Fitness category love will never cease.

Want to know what's funny?
I'm okay with the diet still.
Sure things are changing.
I mean, Friday my steak got taken out of the equation.
I'm a little sad, but I got to have it nightly if I wanted up until the 3 weeks out.
That's not too shabby!

I am, however, having weird cravings.
We went to do some grocery shopping and I passed by this.
 Now, I haven't had a donut in probably 6 or more years.
But, I got such the envie looking at them!
I don't think it helps that a VooDoo Doughnut just opened and I've been inundated with friends' images of tasty confections on my Facebook newsfeed.
So, I took a picture to drool over for now.
In all actuality, I probably wouldn't even go for a doughnut after the show.
I hear that Sara bakes treats for the girls competing for afterwards.
I sure hope that's true!
From the recipes she's told me about baking for her friends and fiance', well, let's just say YUM.

I am looking forward to actually having a coach there and other ladies that I know.
Last time, I was all by my lonesome trying to be pleasant and chat with anyone.
I did meet some really nice ladies, but this time seems like it will be FUN!
I love the ladies on my team.
We all share a warped, dirty sense of humor too.
It will be nice to have others to keep nerves at bay and to laugh with.

We know that I have always loved coffee.
It seems that as I get closer, I love it more, haha.
I'm sure it's that I am tired and exhausted because I need that extra cup when I get home from morning gym time.
Soooo yummy and gives me a little perk up.

I wish, though, that I were feeling a little more confident.
Brett Seeley offered our team some deals on photos after the show.
Have you seen his stuff?
Click and go check out his amazing work!
I'm kind of obsessed with his black & white nudes.
Here's an example
It's Sara by Brett.
 Wish I were feeling like I could pull it off.
One day though, I totally want to book a session with him.

Okay, here's a little portion that may be TMI:
 I kept hearing people talking about exercise and increased libido.
Never believed it because I've been exercising for years and nothing special happened.
I have to admit, this past year, with the increased weight lifting and heavier schedule of intense weight training (I mean totally different from the training I used to do)
Yeah, it happened.
So, I'm going to go with truth on that!



Lacey said...

Hahahaha it's so true. My hubby wanted it more when I was leaning out, but I also wanted it more too... Idk if it was the extra exercise or feeling good about my body (for once), but yep... Truth!

So exciting though! And you were very lucky to get steak all the way up to 3 weeks out! That's the benefit to staying lean post comp. :)

Lapetitemort said...

Hahaha, I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one! You're right, it probably has to do with feeling good about myself too. ;)

Definitely, going to try and stay leaner in the post comp times again too =)