Friday, 21 February 2014

Turn Around!

The universe must have been tired of my pondering and taking up too much time in my own head space, over-analyzing, thinking of straying from plan.....
Strange things have been happening.

Twice I have been asked to spot a guy at two different occasions on the bench press.
Hey, I know that it was because there were no other men there at the time, and I was I guess the best option out of all the women there.
Still, it gave me a little boost of confidence.
Never, in the past three years has anyone ever asked me to spot them.

Then, today  in the locker room, as I was getting ready to leave, a lady stopped me to tell me what a nice body I have.

Guess, I should pay attention to those signs?

I must admit that it did tons to help turn around my thoughts.

And here I was this morning sitting in the vehicle contemplating going in and just trying to get through it this morning.
What a beginning to the day.
 I didn't look all that happy.
But here's something about me, I always follow direction.
Whether someone is there or not, I follow instructions.
I had my orders.
I have my week's workouts and food.
I went in and did it.
Maybe it's from my strict upbringing, including 13 years in Catholic school with the flipping nuns and priests waving paddles and rice mounds in the corner of the blackboards?
I've always found if I follow direction and try not to take control of what I'm not supposed to, try not to over think it, well, then the outcome is usually good.
When I doubt and feel the need to change things, those changes are not necessarily correct.
You'd think by now, that I'd just relinquish some of the thinking and just do!

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Tenecia said...

Yay for compliments & signs from the universe!!