Thursday, 6 February 2014

Time to Laugh & Prep stuff

So, here we are 9 weeks away.
Tomorrow night I have another weigh in and fat pinch to check progress.
It's also beginning of posing sessions after team workout.
I'm horrible at posing.
You would think I would get Quarter Turn to the Right seamlessly by now, but I still feel like I do it forced and horribly.
Though, I have to admit that I am excited to learn the poses for Physique.
I'm sure that I will look like a total dork and out of complete embarrassment of myself that I will pull out some crazy dance move or do something to make the ladies laugh.
Yep, that's how I deal, total self-deprecation. 

Also, my favorite suit maker is coming by to take orders, measurements, colors, etc. tomorrow night too.  I'm only hoping that my old suit still fits and is sufficient.
I really would like to save a few hundred bucks at the moment.
Really, I have just been having an itch to change most of my wardrobe.
It won't happen, but I'd like to do a little shopping for fun.

You know what has been really exciting?
Ladies and gents approaching me at the gym lately.
It's weird, flattering and gives a little boost to the old ego, especially when I'm feeling like a busted can of biscuits.
I've been getting the, "Do you compete?" question, and questions about my lean-ness, and muscles -------- which by the way, I totally do NOT see or get?
But, hey, it makes me feel like I must be making progress.
I tried to snap some selfies, but I can't get a good one without me making a ridiculous face.
Of course, that's never stopped me before...

So, on with the laughs portion (& a little something, something thrown in there too):

Our local news actually showed part of this video this morning.
I laughed so much that I had to go look it up on the interwebs.
It's a parody of a prescription ad called,
"Try Not Having Kids."
I belly-laughed forever this morning.

Want another laugh?
I hadn't been watching SNL, well, for years.
We happened upon their Christmas episodes on Hulu at Christmas.
John Goodman and Keenan sang this song in the opening monologue.
I have been informed that this gift is more than enthusiastically accepted for any holiday or gift-giving occasion!

Hey Valentine's Day is almost here....

I'm hoping the embed shows up, or here's the link

Oh, and now for some eye-candy.
I've been on pinterest, just skimming the people's I follow pages I stumbled across this pretty, pretty man.
Usually, I don't go gah-gah over this type of guy.
I like the goofy, strange-looking, gruff, funny men. 
However, yep, I stopped and gawked.
So, I'm a little enamored with this guy.
Dino Hillas, 53, BB, Fitness Model, former fashion model, business owner, and yeah, not straight, hahaha.
That's probably why he's oh so built.
I normally don't see many straight guys in their 50's that take this great care of themselves.
Like I said, eye-candy.
Go peruse the pictures of him.

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