Thursday, 20 February 2014

My head hasn't been in the game

I've kind of just been going through the motions lately.
I'm following the whole plan.
I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to do as graphed out by
However, I'm just not feeling it.
It's just a low, I suppose.
I mean, I'm leaning out.
She says that I'm where I'm supposed to be.
I'm just in a bad head space and keep beating myself up.
Then, I tell myself, "Stop it."

You know what the problem is?
It's the ass.
My ass is my nemesis. 
And, I'm just not patient.
I want folks to go, "That ass!"
Ya know, I want to be booty-licious.
Granted, I have a mini-bubble butt, however, I want a stupendous one!
Yep, I ask for a lot, I know this!

Dream it, work at it, and it will happen?

In other random thoughts, I've been thinking about the hair again.
If you've followed for a while, you know that I change it constantly.
Thoughts are now in what direction I'd like to go?
Longer, back to dark, stay blonde, keep it short?
Oh the worries in my life, huh?
Haha, I know I have it good if these are my main worries!

Okay, so going to get back to work...........
and to go look at pretty, pretty stuff on pinterest.



Chelle Stafford said...

Competition prep has seasons within the season. It sucks when the low "blah's" come, when we look at a specific area and base our emotional contentment on that one single thing, but... it's part of the seasons and this too shall pass. And the booty shall rise ;-) Rock On, my friend!

Lacey said...

I think we all go through that, but sometimes I think it's good to not "focus" and just let the changes happen. :) The booty will happen with time, and much effort!