Monday, 2 December 2013

Crazy, chaotic, fun

Well, hello there.
It has been a little chaotic around the LPM household.
Crazy, but good, I should add.
I have been in purge mode. It's not only me, but hubs too.
We've been going through stuff, giving away, throwing away, cleaning.
We've also still been working on the Peanut.
I definitely have to get some updated pictures up of it.

How was ya'll Turkey Day?
Since we had no one come up this year, and we were just us, we decided to have a 
"Fra, ra, ra, ra, ra" Thanksgiving.
You know, like "A Christmas Story."
So, we headed on out to sushi where we were pretty much lone Caucasians in the packed Japanese restaurant. 
Delicious, and one of my treat meals for the week.
 We shared that along with some sashimi.
Yum, yum, yum!

I've been working, working, working, both through freelance work and doing my assigned workouts at the gym.
I hardly ever am out of gym clothes.
Heck, that pic from Thanksgiving?
I was wearing workout leggings, hahaha.

Here was one of my outfits that I was simply giddy over last week.

So, here's where my head has been.
I take pictures and just look skinny to me.
I mean, when I'm actually lifting I can see stuff.
Then, I have to stop and say, "patience."
I think about the spaced out photos that I've seen of Sara Hurrle and Dana Linn Bailey that are like 9 years apart.  I know it will not happen over night, but darn, I'd love it to go faster.
The plan is still to compete next year.
It will have been 2 years since my last competition.
I am excited to see the changes from then.
Oh yea, I'm still eating and eating and eating and it seems every week, the amounts are growing and growing and growing.
I'm sure that I will eventually pop.

I've also started playing with making my own posing suit.
One of the perks of a former burlesque performer?  Many remnants of sparkle-y, stretch-y fabrics to test my skills out.  These test runs aren't too bad either.
I think these would be suitable once they are really blinged out too.
We'll see!  What a great way to save some $$$ in competing, no?

Other ways that I'm making extra for next year?
Yep, collecting aluminum cans and bringing them to the recycle place.
You know what pays really well there?
Broken Christmas lights?!
Yeah, apparently the copper in the wires or something.
I will be hitting up friends for their strands that don't work, hahaha.
I've learned some other little tricks from watching "Extreme Cheapskates."
Like Tim Gunn says, "make it work."

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