Friday, 27 December 2013

Catch up time!

Dum, dum, dum.....
Next Friday is official beginning of new season planning with coach...
Exciting, yet nerve-wracking to say the least, I tell ya.
The past few months, we've been increasing my clean food intake and have changed my workouts to try and keep building.
Really, I hope that come that show next year that I will be able to see great changes.
It will officially be 2 years since I last competed!

Tomorrow, I see her for group working out.
That, too, is nerve-wracking, good but oh so hard.

Oh, I guess the competition gods heard my pleas because I have been inundated with work.
This is good because I can stash away the extra funds.
Yet, I'm TIRED.
Oh well, I can't get everything easy, breezy.

Wanna hear a funny?
There are our gym regulars, you know, you see them pretty much every day.
Many of my regular guys are probably in the late 40's to mid 60s range.
I trade greetings and small talk with them.
They are all very nice.
However, I had to giggle because one of them told me that I looked great, but wait for it....

basically, don't get too big because female body builders are just not attractive, hahahaha.
I only wish that I could get big.
I just thought this was hysterical because there has been so many memes going around with just this sentiment.

Who'd have thunk it?

On the crafty side, I have been playing with making my own posing suits.
It's hard to tell on the fit though because I'm in "improvement" pre-season!

And for some visual fun, I leave you with pics from the country where we are still working on the the caravan between -15 temps, snow, and the crazy Colorado weather!

Garfield, one of the most awesome kitties that I've met.  He is a totally crazy, love muffin, and will climb up your leg and torso just to perch on your shoulder. That actually happened shortly after I snapped this pic!
 Putting on the roof panels.
One side is finished.
 Picking up our pallet of beetle kill siding.
No one was there so we unwrapped it and loaded it up, brought it down to the farm and unloaded.  Yep, it was snowing during the end trip!
I was bundled even more after this!
 Now, we keep day dreaming of the road trips we will get to take!



Lacey said...

Hahaha this is exactly why I quit talking to people in the gym. Everyone has their opinions about what I do, and it just turns out that... I don't care what they think enough to even find out. LOL!

Tenecia said...

One of my good friends told me that men don't like women who are more muscular than them...I told him it was a good thing I already had a man :)

Can't wait to hear more about your competition plans!