Thursday, 17 October 2013

Supp Roundup

Ya'll know I'm intrigued by the vegan lifestyle.
I like to dabble with recipes and read about it, a ton.
Yep, I feel guilty when I think of where my food comes from.
I still haven't taken the plunge, but maybe one day I'll make the switch completely.
I decided to quest for some plant-based protein powders.
I was super lucky a while back and won a prize pack over at Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness.
I believe a shared a photo of the plethora of goodness that it included a while back.
I read the forums there too.
The first and only one that I've tried so far was the 
 Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan.
There is something about the consistency that I just don't like.
No matter how I have used it (shaker, blender, ice, added fruit)it just seems chalky.
The only way that I can drink it is to blend it with frozen fruit and lots of ice.
Even then, I have to down it because if it sits, it has that weird feeling.

I felt guilty thinking that I didn't like it because I really, really wanted to.  Then, I read other people over at the Vegan Bodybuilding forums stating pretty much the same.
 I will, however say that the two protein bars that they sent me by Vega were very tasty!
So, I would not buy that protein powder, but the bars, yep.

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