Monday, 16 September 2013

Hot Mess

That is what I am at the gym

However, it feels so good.
It is especially good after the long days of crazy rain/hail/floods/power outages that we've had here.
I'm super lucky in that our neighborhood was all good.
It was just crazy trying to go anywhere because you never knew what road was closed or under water.
I'm sending good vibes to the folks that I know who were affected.
Hopefully, things will dry out for them soon!

The weather allowed me to catch up on some of the library books that I had checked out.
One particular book struck a chord with me.
(She also has a blog, which I have not checked out just yet.)
There were just so many little quirks that she has that I have and that I struggle with to change.
Also, it was weird because 3 of the books about people that she mentioned using to research the project, well, those are on my shelf too!
Only, I have not read them yet, lol.
Problems of a book hoarder.....

She also had great parts about dreaming the big dream and goals, etc.
It gave me a little boost. =)

The time without power also gave me a chance to clean and organize the pantry.
Oh Mylanta! 
There were things in the dark corners that had expired 2 years ago.
Now, it's kind of nice again.

Ya'll know what's coming up, don't ya'll?
Seriously, it's like my Super Bowl.
I hunker down in front of the computer and yell my head off.
Super excited because I actually know some people going there this year.
Fun, fun, fun!!!
One year, I will actually go and be a crazy, screaming fan for real!!

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