Friday, 26 July 2013

You can't be scared all of your life to even try.

You know how sometimes, you  look at all of those pictures with quotes trying to find a little inspiration?
You mean, I'm the only person that does that?

Well, sometimes, the words you're looking for come not from the interwebs, but from an actual someone in your life.
I realized that the past few days that I have been repeating,
"You can't be scared all of your life to even try."
Yeah, it's not really grammatically correct, but that's the way it's been rolling in my head.
The best part is that my husband has been telling me this for about the past month.
Though his wording has been a little different each time like,
"You can spend your whole life being scared."
That one is good too!

So this has been my new mantra.
Getting over the fear to try at some more dreams, or bigger, better versions of the ones that I have started.
Why not chase it, no matter how scary it is?

But maybe I should start hiding my phone before "dreaming."
The same man that supports me and gives me inspiring quotes, also does this:


Tenecia said...

That is the most AWESOME picture ever!!! lol!


Lapetitemort said...

There's no telling what new pics I'll wake up with on my phone, haha