Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Thoughts and thinking

I love Jillian.
Not the Jillian that you're probably thinking of.
No, this Jillian I met on FB a few years ago through a fitness group that Allison Earnst started.
She now has her own page, Living Inspired with Jillian.
She's lost like 120 lbs and jumped out of a plane and had her first boxing match and is now gearing up for more of those!
She is, indeed, inspiring.
Jillian posts lots of videos with her thoughts or answering questions.
Today, she posted this one.

She got me thinking, as she often does.
I have really been trying to not be so quick to judge.
And when I am, I stop myself and remind myself of these things.
Coincidentally, these are some things she brought up.

I used to always go to the gym in full makeup and hair.
Honestly, I felt absolutely horrible about myself.
I used that as a mask to disguise how I really felt about myself.
Esteem issues much?
Yeah, I still do, and it's only been this past year that I haven't had to put on makeup to head to the gym.

Right now, well, I'm in P.T.
My workout has been extremely modified right now.
I'm sure when people see me walking on an incline at a rather slow clip, they're thinking, 
"What the hell is she even doing?"
Or my crazy long stretching routine, or my crazy P.T. exercises that all have to be done 3 times a day right now.  I look like an old Jane Fonda video in that room for parts of my workout.

I'm that girl.
The one people are probably rolling their eyes at right now.

So, I'm going to keep these things in mind when I notice folks like this at the gym.

In other good thoughts, I came across this quote yesterday:

A head full of fears has no space for dreams.

What great timing?
Plus, I keep hearing and seeing all of these "believe it, be it" or "dream it, do it" type things.
I'm not too much for "signs", but I have been having little, weird things happen too.

It got me thinking.

Perhaps, I should dream bigger than I have been.
Perhaps, I should face the fears, believe in myself, seek help when I need it, and just pursue.

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Tenecia said...

Dream BIG!!!!!!