Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Owies, but my day was made.

I broke down and went to the doc's yesterday.
It's a place that has chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapy, and they work with sports injuries too.
So, I'm on modified regimens for my lower half and have to do P.T. exercises 3x a day.
I'm also going to the P.T. twice a week right now.
Stupid hip, back.

I am sore as a, well, I don't know, but it's sore.

Enough complaining.
May I tell you how much I love the gym that I go to?
Yes, I absolutely do.
The people are amazing.
There are always competitors there.
It inspires me.
Today, I was approached by this phenomenal looking woman.
She told me she was envious of my strength holds.
(I practice them all the time along with trying to learn new ones.)
I was flabbergasted.
And my day was made.
We chatted as we stretched and foam rolled.
Turns out, she's a Physique competitor.
I figured because, like I said, she looked phenomenal.
I had to tell her how awesome her freaking legs were.

See?  Love this place.
Occurrences like this always make my competing itch stronger.
Then, I start battling in my head "Fitness or take the time to grow and try out Physique?"
Back and forth, back and forth....
Regardless, I need to build and improve.

So, that's what up.
Back to the P.T. tomorrow!

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