Friday, 19 July 2013

Hey, hey, hey hey

What's up?

We've been having a whirlwind of activity abound!

I was lucky enough to be contacted by a PR firm from Canada, hey.
They apparently listened to our podcast.
They offered to send us a screener of a film that is premiering at a film festival at the end of the month.
We, of course, accepted.
I was so excited to get to review a film not even released yet.
Tomorrow, the gang is getting together to tape the cast on it, yay!
There will be grilling and geek chat a-plenty.
Score for our 46th episode!

Sunday, we'll work on the Peanut!
Speaking of, I now have a bug in my butt to finish it and move it to the beach.
Blame that on watching "Celebrity Wife Swap."
I got all enamored of Nia Peebles' mobile home and little courtyard parked right there on Malibu beach.
Getting one of those "Venus" swimwear, summer, awesome catalogs did nothing but perpetuate the urge.
Imagine, waking up and walking out of your door right onto the beach every morning?
I mean, I have bikinis with the tags still on them sitting in my closet.
There is not much opportunity for them here in ole land-locked Colorado.

So, I've been dreaming of Fitness routines.
I love them so.
After, I re-injured myself a few months ago, my flexibility has been for poops.
This past week, I have been foam rolling, stretching (super slowly and cautiously), and working on gaining that back.  It's coming, just sloooooooowly.
Patience, right?
I think being surrounded by these amazing competitors, from both the national and pro level, has really been inspiring for me.
I absolutely love it.
Plus, they are all so flipping nice, hahaha.
It is making that little itch to compete grow and grow.
Now, I just have to scheme to find ways to save for it again.
Where there's a will there's a way?
I'll take it day by day and see what happens.

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