Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What a weekend of awesome!

There was no country time this weekend.

This was the first time since 2007 that Denver has had a Pro Show. 
We were excited to go watch.
There were only 2 Fitness competitors. =(
One was obviously doing this for a long while.
She was amazing with the same being said about her physique.
The other reminded me of me last year.
It seemed like her first time, and her physique wasn't bad at all, but compared to the other girl, well, ya know, no comparison.  I wanted to find her and tell her to just keep going and not be discouraged.  It's hard standing next to someone like that.

May I also just say that I was enamored and loving all the Masters Women's Divisions.
Those ladies rocked and looked awesome.
Go 40+ gals!!!

Here's my new confession.  I am infatuated with the Physique category now.
It was my first time getting to watch.
I love that they do routines.  All were so varied and amazing.
The bonus was they did not have to do those moves required in the Fitness category.
My mind is somewhat debating putting this as a goal in the future.
Could this old lady get into physique next year?

So, the Pro's?! 
So flippin' amazing!!
There were a couple of Colorado gals which made us cheer and scream and whistle our little hearts out.
You can read more at NPC News Online.  

Sara Hurrle was the big winner.

Pssst, this is who I have been working with lately to get me back on course.
Needless to say, T and I were ecstatic!

What an amazing night and show!
Definitely gave me some inspiration.

Sunday, was another day of fun!

We weren't going to go at first, because we saw the line wrapped around the Convention Center.  However, we got in line and decided to wait and see how it moved.
Luckily, it wasn't bad at all and moved pretty quickly.

Oh the bliss of vendors and independent artists mixed with the Geek Elite!
I walked about spotting the Shat, George Tekai, Wil Wheaton, and J. August Richards to name a few.
I got this great tee from Binary Winter Press, which will be altered with my unique flare. 

And we picked up numerous graphic novels and comics from independent artists we found compelling.

I was beat, but so loved my weekend of nerding out to fitness and Comicon!

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Tenecia said...

Sara Hurrle is AMAZING!