Saturday, 30 March 2013

What's Been Up?

I'll graze over the chaos.
Let's suffice it to say that I've spent about $4000 in the past week (fridge died, one vehicle out of warranty and big engine woes - basically 1/2 of it being replaced, vet visit with one pooch, wedding gift for bestie - that I didn't mind spending on, by the way).
I guess it's true that it all happens at one time.

I will need a new pair of sneakers.
After logging about 10 miles of walking a day (not counting any gym stuff), my toes have developed blood blisters and my sneaks are visibly worn down.
Hey, they are over a year old anyway!
Then, I don't want to fork out more cash right now.
Tarjay, I feel you in my future for a cheapo replacement right now.

I am loving the new gym.
It's like a little oasis.
It's never crowded, everyone there is so super nice, and like I've mentioned before, I run into all sorts of pro competitors and awesome NPC gals.
It's very inspiring.

I have been playing with my diet, trying to go vegetarian.
It's super hard because I'm not getting nearly enough calories or protein.
Researching, researching, researching still.
Playing still.

Tuesday, I get to do a body fat with the Coach that I've been training with.
This should be interesting, lol.

During last weekend, while we were being blizzarded (my own word) once again, I decided to relieve my  boredom.
I had bought the bleach kit and dye a few months ago.
So, yep, I did it again.
It looks blue in the pictures, but it's actually purple.
Lighting, ya know.
People get all in an uproar about it, but it's hair folks.
It washes out.
It's not a huge deal, nor means that I'm a deviant.
Well, perhaps I am a deviant in some ways, but I can assure you that the hair did not create that!

Oh the pasty horror!


Tenecia said...

The hair is frickin' awesome!!!


Lapetitemort said...

Thanks T!
Letting my freak flag fly!!