Monday, 11 March 2013

Welcome to AmWay

Okay, not really, but that's what it felt like.
I went to "talk" today about becoming a Person Trainer and possible job.

Flag No. 1:  The person that called me last week no longer works there.
So, there was confusion when I turned up for my scheduled appointment today.

Flag No. 2: First question asked, "Can you get your certification this month? When is your start date after getting it?"
  • Um, what?
  • I have none of the books from any of the certifying organizations to even begin studying.  Plus, the books are expensive and so is the testing.  Also, my BLS is expired too.
Well, you're smart, you have all of this science background with A&P and healthcare and biology.  Yeah, you get your certification, you come begin work.  We give you a 12 Week "Our Company University".  You take a 2 day Orientation.  You take a week bootcamp, but you're working all of this time too.  There's also this workshop of techniques.  You must work every weekend and every day and during these hours ~hands me a sheet of paper with columns~, but you make your own hours and part-time is fine.  
~Alarms going off for every contradictory statement~
  • Stop a sec, do you guys have client quotas and selling quotas?
Oh No!  When you go through this other training for another weekend, we teach you how to grow your business.
We sign you up with your beginning clients.  Then you're expected to have 80 clients a month.  When you don't have clients you walk the floors, call previous clients, try to get resigns.  The people here have no problem getting that.  You know, some make up to $5000 a month!

  • ~So that's not have to push sales or have client quotas?~ Just out of curiosity, what is your entry level pay?

There is no entry level pay.  Everyone here makes the same pay, minimum wage,
you get a 20% commission on the packages you sign up.

  • I asked a few more questions, but left with my head spinning from how fast he talked and thinking this was like being at an AmWay meeting.   When I got home, I did something that I probably should have done before hand.  I checked Glassdoor and Indeed for the company and their current and previous employees reviews of working for them.  It wasn't all bad.  Many said it was a great way to get a foot in the door, you got a free gym membership, most said they liked the people they worked with but not the managers.  There were, however, over 80% bad.  Mostly it was with having to chase sales, long hours with no clients but you had to be there trying to sign up people for training packages, never any raises, they did not accept you being "sick" and you were expected to make it in no matter what, high turn over rates, and many other things that sort of sealed the NOPE for me.  It's a shame because I do like the gym, but it's a large corporate chain, so I shouldn't be surprised.  Now, I feel sorry for the folks who work there that I see.  Well, I guess it didn't hurt to talk to them.  I mean, I was only in there for 15 minutes.

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