Thursday, 7 March 2013


Mother Nature has been teasing us mercilessly lately.
One day we're sunny and 68 degrees.  The very next day 30 and snowing.
Here we are warming up after snow Monday.
We'll be in the 60's again, and this weekend?
We're expected to get over a foot of snow.
I guess after all of the lovely days, I am just ready for Spring, darn it!

I'm getting my Spring issues of my seed catalogs and gardening magazines.
I'm ready to plant my garden boxes and get explosions of colorful veggies.
I'm ready to sit on out back deck in the evenings.
So close, yet so far! 

Other news is boring.  Both of our vehicles are having issues.  We spent 1/2 the day this weekend broken down in the country.  With the kindness of strangers, we were able to get on the way.  Then, the alternator went out.  This is on S's 79 truck.  The new alternators aren't matching up quite right or something.  So he is using the vehicle that I normally use.  We are very lucky in that our mechanic came here, took the alternators and is able to ream(?) and do whatever to make them work.  He's supposed to come back by today on his way home from work.  So, I haven't been at the gym in 3 days now.

But I guess that's okay because I am trying to transition to a vegetarian diet.
It's not as easy as it seems though.
I'm trying not to go overboard with carbs as many folks do when they transition.
I've spent lots of time tracking macros and such.
I'm eating every hour pretty much because I'm starving.
It's playing right now trying to get it to the point of having the amount of calories, protein that I want to attain my goals using lots of greens and veggies and not a crazy amount of carbs.  It's very easy to incorporate vegetarian into super high carb diet.
Also, I cannot have very much soy due to some issues - but that's another story which will probably be getting rectified this year - another surgery woohoo - but the doctors say that the evil uterus really needs to come out because they are scared that I will probably hemorrhage during my period one of these months - but I won't give you the gory details of what happens every month. 
Needless to say it's a TON of food, but I'm not quite feeling "WooHoo" yet and craving all sorts of potatoes and pasta and crazy fried things.
I'm doing it for my love of the animals.
I was veggie years ago and even dabbled in vegan and raw vegan for a little while.
Yeah, I know, I know about dairy and cheese.
Maybe I'll get to that point eventually.
I've already cut that back drastically too.
I'm spending a lot of time researching vegan and vegetarian bodybuilding and the nutrition.
I'm not saying that I'm perfect or even getting right yet, but I'm trying.

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v8grrl said...

I still do egg whites. it helps. I am trying to cut back on soy too. I think you will just always be starving….I know I am.

the anilmals thank you :)