Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Well, hello there

Long time no post
I've been slacking on blogging.
However, I haven't been slacking at the gym.
We are actually getting an Armbrust Pro Gym about 2.5 miles from my house.
How sweet is that?
I am so a people watcher.
Do you see the people that train at the one in Wheat Ridge?
Phil Heath, Sarah Hurrle, Alina Poppa, and the list goes on!
I am so excited.
How excited?
Check this out.  I was able to get in on their pre-sale memberships.
Yeah, $19 a month for life! 
I cannot wait for the grand opening party on March 9th.
They said that they were going to have over 20 pro's in attendance.
~Snoopy Dance~

I never thought in my life that I would have two gym memberships at one time, plus another that I see my coach at.  Does this make me a real athlete?  Okay, maybe that's a stretch, but I do feel more athletic than ever.
Plus, these first two days of the week I have have received compliments at the gym.
Yesterday, my day was made by a Silver Fox at the gym. =) He flagged me down (yelled, "Yo! Yo! You!") while I was walking to stretch. He then proceeded to tell me, "You work harder than any guy in here. What you do is hard, and you're doing great. Keep it up." I told him how much I appreciated hearing that - even if parts are probably not completely accurate, but I try, lol.
Today, a foxy, young Latino told me how good we (my workout buddy and I) were doing and he noticed how hard we work.
I will not lie, it inflates my teeny ego and makes me want to work harder.
So maybe I don't notice some of my changes, but I guess others do which is nice.

Actually, I've had a ton on my brain about making things positive.
I can face it, I'm not a person who is bad-ass and angry at the gym.
I am focused, but I smile.  I giggle at the silly songs I put on my ipod.  I try to dole out compliments to the other ladies I see, especially those who train "angry" with killer bods.
It got me thinking.  I came up with my new motto:
It's light, most of my sketches are to begin with, but it says "train happy!"
I'm embroidering it on a tank, and adding two !! so the barbell under will look like a smiley face, heh.
I mean, I'm happy that I get to train, love to train, and am capable.
And for poops and giggles, a pic I shot while I was in the Tarjay dressing room this morning.  It's fuzzy, but oh well.  I'm still trying to see changes.  I have faith that one day I will see what I'm looking for.

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Tenecia said...

Yay for compliments! Keep up the hard work!