Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pasty, pasty white

You would never guess that I'm mainly Itailian and French?
I mean, where did the gene for a darker complexion go in my family?
I guess that one got skipped, but I was lucky enough to get the junk in the trunk gene?
 Maybe this is why I can never seem to see the changes in my body.
By the way, this is after months of that Jergens Glow lotion too.
I'm Casper, really.

Someone posted this on facebook this morning, and I got a kick out of it.

I liked this photo comparison of the different categories, but if Fitness wasn't left out again.  Booooo. 

Oh, and joy!  One of the gymnastics places got back in touch with me.  I'm going to go try out their 1x a week adult gymnastics group class.
It sounds like what I'm looking for.
Plus, the girl that I've emailed with trains two of the Fitness Pro's.
How awesome would that be?
They take private lessons, but it's still cool.
From what I saw this group class is $10 a class.
I can't believe it.  I will be so stoked if I can learn just one or two new moves to incorporate into routines.  
~crossing fingers~

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v8grrl said...

you are going to rock that Gymnastics business. I can feel it in my pasty white bones