Thursday, 21 February 2013

I'm frugal

How frugal am I? I sat and restitched the grips back on my lifting gloves, lol.
I did apply for four different part-time jobs. Luckily, as well, I've had some contract drafting work the past three weeks. It's all going into the "competition" jar.

I've also been working on some of my routine tricks, watching the YouTube to try and teach myself some others. I say all of this loosely, as much of my time is spent collapsing on my booty or face, hahaha. I would really love to learn a few contortionist moves, but it hurts just watching!  Hey, I'm trying as I can't afford to take any sort of actual tumbling classes right now = more frugal stuff.

I'm enamored with Kizzy Vaines' routine from the Olympia last year.

I didn't go to the gym this morning as I hate the roads, rather the other folks driving, when we have had a decent amount of snow. So, I picked up my dumbbells and did a quick bicep and tricep workout at home between some drafting and housework.

Alternating DB Bicep Curl (per side) 10/15#, 10/15#, 10/15# DB Hammer Curl 10/(2)15#, 10/(2)15#, 10/(2)15# DB Inner Bi Curl 10/(2)15#, 8/(2)15#, 10/(2)15# X Body DB Hammer Curl(Per side) 10/15#, 10/15#, 10/15# Bent DB Tri Kickback 10/(2)15#, 10/(2)15#, 10/(2)15# Tricep Dips (used coffee table) 10/10/10

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