Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I have been reading different books on nutrition. I have all sorts of sources from main stream to college texts. I think it's all awfully confusing, lol. Still, I research because I find it fascinating.  However, I still have no clue if I'll ever understand it all.

I am horrible with self-pics. I was trying to take a pic of my back this morning after my back workout because, well, I never see it! I cannot tell if I'm making any progress or not. I think that I am, but I'll have to remember to try and take more pics later and compare. Plus, I have my nice little winter layer still on me.

I really, really want to compete again. Stupid being so expensive you fitness category. And I just cannot bring myself to be one of those folks who start a campaign or web page for "donations" to compete. I figure that it's really a luxury for me, and I shouldn't rely on or ask others to support a luxury. Maybe I'm stupid for not wanting to take advantage of people?

Anyway, today was my back day.

I discovered the row machine for the first time for cardio.
I think that I loved it because it was kind of fun.

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