Thursday, 3 January 2013

There is no number at which you have to stop being fierce!

I love quirky.
I also love those that put it all out there and just be themselves in all of their quirky glory.
While having some lazy time after my workout today, I was perusing Pinterest.
I came across a photo of this most fabulous woman.
Clicking the picture, I was brought to the blog Advanced Style.

I scrolled and scrolled and was so in love with the women featured.
I so want to be like them, not only in my future years, but now!
Time for embracing and rocking out what I feel like even if it is not always in the conformity of everyone else.
I did it for the longest.
However over the past couple of years, I have sort of lost some of my confidence (even though the spousal unit always tries to coerce me into doing it.)
I'm inspired by these ladies.
Not only do I want to continue to get stronger, I want to let my fierce self shine again.
I am adding some of the amazing photos that I saw.
All photos come from the Advanced Style Blog!


Betsy said...

Love it!

v8grrl said...

this is so beyond cool…and true.