Thursday, 10 January 2013


I know that you've probably all seen this already, but I'm sort of obsessed with the new MAC Strength Collection Campaign.
I've never even used MAC cosmetics before.

I love that they used  Jelena Abbou as their spokeswoman.

I actually had a vinyl dress very similar to this up until a few years ago, haha.


Lacey said...

I LOVE THIS! I've been all over the Yahoo! boards combating the negative comments towards her beautiful physique.

This was an incredibly wise & practical marketing toward a clientele that is already completely vested in MAC. This completely strengthened its relationship with competitors all over the world! :)

Lapetitemort said...

It kills me that people think only their perception of beauty is the right view of "beauty." Grrrrrrr~
I'm not slamming all of these other body types that are used for advertising no matter what they are, even if I don't find them pretty.

It just so happens that this is what I find pretty and feminine, and I'm also glad that they are using it in ads. =D

Tenecia said...

I LIVE for MAC...just ask my hubby...I love their products & wear them daily! I love that they chose Jelena for this particular campaign and the haters can shut it! :)