Monday, 3 December 2012

Squats of Christmas and Calling Folks on their B.S.

I'm a stalker.
Oh yes, FaceBook has made me a stalker of all of those ladies who inspire me.
She just always posts great pics, quotes, questions, thought, you know.
I know this is going around in different variations, but I decided to partake in the 
Squats of Christmas.
Today is Day 3; so I threw them in at the beginning of my workout with part of my warm-up.  That's what I plan on doing with them since I will be doing the Squats of Christmas sans weights.

Also, I ruffled a few feathers.
I get asked advice a ton on how to change.  I get so excited to help people.
But, I've also learned that most people won't take my advice because they are looking for something quick and easy, a miracle.
Now, when asked, I always give folks a shorter breakdown.
Change your diet - you know, don't eat fast food for every meal.
I even give them a sample of meals with changes that can be made from what they are currently eating.  Instead of that bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with hashbrowns, why don't you try 1 egg, 2 or 3 egg whites, a slice of true whole grain bread and a slice of turkey bacon or something of that nature depending on who I'm talking to.  Now granted, I wouldn't eat this in the morning, but it's just trying to get them to make a healthier choice before throwing them full on into egg, egg whites, oats, etc.
I even give them simple at home workouts, without equipment so that they cannot say, "I can't afford a gym," "I don't have time," etc.  I tell them, do the jumping jacks during one commercial break, and so on because I know they are watching their programs in the evening.
This is how I determine if they are serious about change or are just going to blow me off and continue to do what they do.  If they take me up and follow some changes, I then help them further along.
I posted a few posters on FB about "no excuses."  I got a few messages, really upset.
Here's the thing.  I check my FB in the morning and evening and scroll through my newsfeed.  If you have time to post over 50 things and comment on everything I see, then obviously you have "time."  This is how you choose to spend your time rather than taking 15 minutes to begin change.  I'm not sorry that I said it.  Therefore, until you realize that YOU have to start and make the changes that I just happened to recommend, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.  Your excuses are just that and will continue to be.
Yes, I did say that I'm tired of reading about "nothing works ... I can't lose weight... It's my genes because nothing I have tried has changed me."  Quit whining and actually TRY.

Needless to say, all they did was message me with anger and what's that? 
More excuses.   
As I also mentioned, I know people with much more on their plate than myself and many of them who make the time and don't make excuses because they actually want it. 

 Now, I sound like a mean, harsh person, but it is the truth.
I have stopped placating people and babying people who refuse to help themselves.
I think that I'm reading too much Scott Abel, hahaha.
He's to the point and truthful.
Maybe, I should cushion my delivery.... 

To end on a more positive note, Tenecia (over at Boobs, Barbells and Broccoli) made a list for December of things she's going to do.
She's inspired me.  This isn't a true list, but it's my start!


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Lisa said...

I agree with you all the way. I've had friends ask me advise on how to lose weight. It's not rocket science. Clean eating is important, and I can't stress it enough. But do some of my friends listen? Nope. Owell, I guess they didn't want to lost weight bad enough :/