Friday, 28 December 2012

Project Bum for 2013

I have tons that I want to work on in the next year, banging shoulders, bigger arms, back that's spread and defined, killer quads, and the list goes on.
However, I really, really want a round, rock hard bum.
You know, booty!
I mean, I'm genetically inclined with a large rear.
Even all leaned out, that baby refuses to be ignored.
So, I guess you can guess where most of my weight goes to all the time, well there and my thighs.
Here's me in my normal pose.

You can see that bulbous bulging there.
Now, check out my side view.
And that's trying to stretch it up and out.
Yeah, the plan in 2013 is to work that baby out.
I want a rear to fear.

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Tenecia said...

Project A Rear to Fear!!!