Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas in Pictures

 My reproduction vintage camera that uses real film!
(Sorry taken on my messy "office cart")
 Our blue crab glass ornament we got on our trip back home last year.
 Our teeny tinsel tree that we decorate Louisiana-themed.
 Got the newest novel.
 Wonder Woman Underroos for ladies!
S also got me a kindle and a cover for it.  Rad!
A friend gave me this zombie tee that I remade and rocked to the gym today.
Definitely needing a new haircut too!
Kind of pondering what goals that I'd like to set for 2013.
I know one will be to rock the short shorts to the gym next year with no fear because I want that round rock hard rear! 
What are you thinking about achieving next year?


Tenecia said...

I'm totally jealous of your Wonder Woman underoos!


SusieQT said...

LOL I had those underoos as a kid! Do they still make them?

Lapetitemort said...

T, I totally want to wear them ALL the time!
Susie, yep and they make them in adult sizes now! I had them when I was little too. =)