Friday, 30 November 2012


We've been busy little beavers as of late.
I have been wanting to blog, but can't seem to get my thoughts to come together.
I guess that isn't unusual though as I ramble on and on all the time.
Workout-wise, I've been pretty consistent, and I'm happy to report that my lifting stats are growing!
Now, they are nothing compared to most of you that I stalk, but none the less, I'm super happy about it because it's the most that I have ever lifted in my life.
I'm really excited because this means I can only get better from here.
Being as I haven't competed since April, I am also pretty pleased with how I have been doing with my physique.  I'm trying to grow muscle, but am keeping the "bulk" from going too haywire.
I have been trying to mix things up lately too.
One day this week, when meeting with my gym buddy T, we decided to fore go the usual weights then cardio and try a workout in the October Fitness RX for Women.
We thought it would be an "easy" day for us.
Pleasantly, we were surprised, and it kicked our tushies!
That's the one we did and even added a little ab work in.
This was me looking all hot afterwards.
I hope you realize that this was said with complete sarcasm.
I'll let you in on a secret too.
My pants ripped up the side seam when I got to the gym.
Luckily, I was sporting my longer, looser yoga top - feeling the PMS bloat.
They can easily be fixed, but what did I expect from pants that are over 10 years old?!

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Tenecia said...

I've had my shorts split when I was working out...I told myself it was because of all the muscle I was