Friday, 9 November 2012


The days have been really warm, but really nice.
One of the beasties and I have taken to go for some daily walks.
Usually, we play fetch and other games in the back yard.
Today, I decided to wear a pedometer.
We were out for 42 minutes and walked 2.03 miles.
Yep, a little slow, but you don't understand!
He must stop and pee on everything and anything!
"Wait, did I get this one yet?"
"I'm pooped mom."
I have been also scheming for my indoor winter gardening.
It won't make my house pretty or stylish by any means, but I'll have stuff right at my fingertips all winter!
Just to point out, this is a 6" diameter pot.
I have it on my kitchen table.
Here are the carrots that I pulled up from it today.
You can grow anything in a pot, it just comes out a little smaller.
Honestly, though, these were not too terribly smaller than the carrots that I grew outside in the ground.
I plan on putting pots all over where ever I have sun in the house!
This is in my kitchen, and all of the pots are not even visible.
I had to bring in a tiny table from our deck to raise them high enough so that the pups don't eat everything when it begins to grow.
They love chard, spinach, herbs and lettuces!
Oh in the green pot to the right:
I tried what I had been seeing on Pinterest.
I shoved the bottom of my celery stalk into a pot last week and just water occasionally.
Sure enough, that sucker is growing!

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