Sunday, 14 October 2012

Love weeks like this

I've just been doing my thing this week.
I love that when I went for a check in this week my body fat went down again, my muscle went up, all my measurements changed, and my weight has stayed the same for three weeks now.
It just shows how your body can continue to change even if you do not see loss on that stupid scale.

I have read many books on the subject, but I grabbed a few more at the library and have been reading.
Probably, oh four or so years ago, I was back to vegetarian, then vegan, then I did Raw vegan for about three or four months.
The information and studies really do interest me.
Now, do I plan on going full on Raw again, or even vegetarian or vegan?
The answer is probably not, but I would like to incorporate a good bit more raw into my diet.
I really do try not to cook my veggies to death, but I'm sure that I'm sucking out most of the nutrients by the time that I'm done.
Plus, I've discovered that there are quite a few veggies that I actually prefer the taste of raw to cooked, so what's the harm?
Besides, I could use a little more energy and nutrients in my life.
Too, I'm not in prep for any competition at the moment so I have leeway to play!

The book by Carol Alt doesn't promote any one type of Raw Diet.  It includes how to incorporate meat, dairy, seafood into a Raw lifestyle.  This I found extremely interesting, probably due to my love of sashimi!

I did make this recipe from RawMazing this week.
I used my own variation on the guacamole recipe, but those corn chips?!
Mine were nowhere as pretty, but they were tasty as all get out!
Source: via Jen on Pinterest

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