Friday, 19 October 2012

Let's chat

I read a ton and chat with folks on facebook in different groups of women who compete or are preparing to compete for the first time.
Sometimes, I am a little taken aback.
There are so many ladies eating 1000 calories or less a day while doing two hours or more a day of cardio and then lifting weights.
Many have spent months with nothing but protein and only certain greens.
And nothing else, no berries, no complex carb, no dairy, no nuts, nothing.
To me, even with my limited studies in nutrition (on my own and during my pre-med/respiratory classes), this is just not right.
Competitors are wondering more and more why metabolic damage is becoming more prevalent?
I could not believe living this way for so long.
I have also found more threads and more videos about the subject.
Check out this video from Scott Abel, who is a noted expert in the subject.

Anyway, it just concerns me that so many think having stricter and stricter diets each time and increasing cardio every time is just "hardcore." Common science tells us that the body and muscles need fuel to continue on.
This is why I continue to educate myself and work in the off season.
Yeah, I'm still tiny, but it's only been a little under a year.
I think that I'll continue to progress, and I'll be healthy about it.
I am so lucky that I found the coach that I did too.
We discuss all of these things, plus, she takes the time to educate me more in what is happening biologically with each food and the processes in the body.
And this is not saying that I know "everything" or even a lot, but it just amazes me that some people prep to compete on basically an anorexic diet and find nothing wrong with it.
But enough serious stuff.

On to the fun stuff!

This was so awesome today. I was at the red light by University and 1st/Speer. There were about 5 folks with homemade posterboards saying "YOU ARE AWESOME", a hand drawn thumbs up, and other positive sayings. I tried to snap a pick but they kept moving around. It was such a great idea and totally made me smile on my way to my coach.

 I'm maintaining still.
Yep, I was up one pound, but my muscle and fat are pretty much the same as they have been.
I'm at 93 pounds of muscle with the rest being, well, fat.
Still I'm in the 19% range.
 Here's a shot that I snapped there today.
Today was hectic afterwards.
I had to return books to the library.
Picked up a few more.
Left there and met the hubby and friends for lunch.
Raw Ahi Tuna sushi bowl with brown rice!!
Oh yeah!
Then, I ran errands.
Picked hubby up from work and headed south to pick up his truck.
I got home as he went north to pick up parts for the Peanut.
I got home, let the doggies and ferret out.
Unloaded the dishes, washed dishes, did the floors, took out compost and stirred it up, watered what's left of the veggie garden, prepped for dinner, and took care of a few other odds and ends.
Now, I'm waiting for hubby to get home.
We'll chow, and I'll be ready to shower and hit the sack.
I'm such a wild woman on a Friday night!

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