Friday, 26 October 2012

Don't be a sourpuss

Hubby was home this morning due to a change in schedule.
So, I changed my schedule and went to the gym at a different time this morning.
Now understand, I'm a weirdo.
I admit that.
I walk into the gym, do my thang, but smile.
As I pass people, I just automatically smile and usually mutter a "hey" with a little head jerk.
You know, the old crazy lady doing the "what's up" motion.
I also spontaneously break out in a quick dance move between sets if an awesome song comes on, for the record.  Feel free to giggle at me.
I do this to the regulars that I see everyday, and the people I've never seen before, men, women, old, young, whatever.
I'm not looking for conversation.
It's just a pleasantry.
I lived in the south until 6 years ago.
To me, it's just natural.

Well, today must have been "ladies pissed at the gym day."
I got scowls, frowns, and even a turn, frown, hands on hips, lip smack when I said "Excuse me," with a smile, to grab a paper towel from the restroom while one chick was messing with her hair.  By the way, there's only one paper towel dispenser in there.
And she continued to stand and stare with her arms crossed as I went to the side, dried my hands, and put my stuff away to leave.
What's up with that?
I didn't realize things got territorial in the can now.
Is there a full moon or some other weird planetary movement that I'm unaware of that made today sourpuss day?
Hey, it's Friday; put a little grin on and get happy - or next time, I will drop pants and moon your grumpy butt.  Believe me I am not above juvenile actions to get a smile.

So, here's a few logs and pics from the week.  




Sorry, that I didn't get everything, but sometimes, it just happens that I forget. Have a great one!
And remember to smile!
I promise, it won't kill you, and you may just brighten someone else's day!

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