Friday, 21 September 2012

In my own back yard.

I normally do not carry my phone when I am in my back yard.
However, this week I have been trying to remember to bring it out with me
because I have been seeing some beautiful things.
I did miss a most gorgeous and huge butterfly on top of one of the zinnias yesterday.
See, I have to remember to bring my phone out with me every time!

And just as a score, I found these Monday when I ran into Target.
I ate two.  Pretty good, but I believe I like the regular Oreo's better.

These are not the best thing for me trying to lean out, but I could not pass up buying them!



Tenecia said...

I live for all things candy corn - I really really really want to try these!


Lapetitemort said...

T, I also found a recipe in the newest Food Network magazine to make your own candy corn?! What? I may have to attempt that at the end of next month!!