Saturday, 29 September 2012

Holy Inspiration Olympia Fitness Competitors

I just sat and watched the 16 Fitness Competitor's routines for the Olympia.
I do it every year, but wow.
I always have favorite routines which never place in the top 6.
I know why they don't, whether it be wobbles and fumbles in routine or their physiques just don't match up.
Still, I admire them all and wish that I could look a tiny margin of how they do and perform how they do.... fumbles, wobbles, mis-steps and all!
Olympia fitness routines link


lbradley33 said...

I want the first girls music!!

Tenecia said...

I was able to see these routines in person and they were INCREDIBLE!!!


Lapetitemort said...

Jealous T!!!!

lbradley33, it was pretty cool!