Friday, 28 September 2012

Fun Stuffs

I finally took the plunge and got all my hair chopped off.
I love it and am feeling a little sassy.

Now, I'm kind of yearning to go back to lavender!
I think I'll probably chicken out with that though, lol.

(from a few years ago)
That was fun though, so who knows what I may do next?
I'm into leaning out right now.
I want to get to the point that I would like to be at all the time.
I'm still debating whether competing will be in my future or not.
I think I'll just roll with it and if the urge hits, I'll go for it.
I like not planning things right now, or having to be so stringent.

In fact, not feeling obligated has made my workouts more enjoyable.
I think the past year, I have been on such a plan to lose weight, gain muscle and then prepare to compete and then gain muscle again afterward that I lost my passion for working out and food prep.
I still have never stopped gym days.
But now, I am looking forward to them again.
I just had to get out of my rut.
So, I won't be competing next month.
And I'm okay with that.

We are finally getting some fall weather here.
It is my favorite season.
With the drought this summer, my garden produced sparsely.
But now, I'm planning on getting some container vegetable gardens going indoors this winter.
I found this site with some great tips that I plan on trying.
Plus, a friend gave me this great metal plant stand to hang pots from.
That will be great to keep nosy puppies from eating my greens this year!!
I also went and picked up my library holds today.
May I just say that I love being able to search online from the different area libraries, request holds, and being able to go pick them all up at one location?
Is it bad that they are all recipe books?
Some raw "cookbooks" and a vegetarian one.
I like getting different ideas for my veggies. 
So, I guess that's all that is going on...
Except for the weekend work on the Purple Peanut!


The Glamorous Housewife said...

I think of you when I work out, which is almost every day. Unfortunately I cant shake my wine habit so the weight has been slow to come off. How do not drink? Wine is sooooo tasty!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Lapetitemort said...

I completely understand! (as I am sipping a "skinny" margarita right now)
I go through phases, but really, I found that my overall diet was the key. I can slip in my cocktails if I keep my food on track and my workouts consistent. I love my red wine....hence why I will probably wait to compete again for a bit. Especially with holidays coming up!

P.s. I am feeling a late 50's, early 60's vibe for my clothing with my new pixie-ish do!