Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Body Stats

This was this morning at my coach's gym.
I know these jeans are huge, but I love them.  I should have lifted the shirt so you can see the sailor style, double button details.
I still have not committed to the show in October.
However, I am still working out, eating to gain muscle, and going to my coach every week.
Good news was muscle was up, body fat was down, weight was up by 1.5 pounds.
I may start trying to lean out some and see where I stand.


Roxie-Girl said...

Hey lady!!! How are you? It was so great to hear from you today!

LOVE the pants, my 15 yr old daughter would love them, she loves everything Sailor. Her nickname is Cap'n RayRay. LOL

You should really do the competition, you are looking amazing!


Donloree said...

Exciting!!! :)