Friday, 10 August 2012

So, when ARE you competing again?

This has been the most common question of late.
How often do they have these competitions? Quarterly? Monthly?

It seems that "normal" folk don't quite understand this whole competition thing, lol.
I try to tell them that it's hard to maintain a competition body to be able to compete for every show.
NPC here has quite frequent events.

When I list the reasons why I have not signed up for another competition yet:
1.) I need to work on my physique and build more muscle. Right now I have a little fluff and am not competition ready.
2.) My routine needs improvement, and I need to learn fancier moves.
3.) It's expensive!

Now, some of the responses are funny.
"But you look perfect?!"
"What you dance?"
"Do you strip down to the blinged out bikini during your routine?"
"Your bikini cost what?"
"You have to pay to compete?"
"What costs so much?"
"Do you win money?"
"If you don't win money or prizes, what do you get?"
When I explain, they are in utter amazement.
I loved that one friend said, "So it's like burlesque?" because we put in so much effort into our costumes and making up our own choreography, yet we get paid very little.
Many people want you to perform for free.
I had to giggle, though, because the funny part is performing burlesque gave me the money for my competition.
Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to get decent paying gigs with the saturation of troupes and shows in this recent year.
Luckily, I have a few reliable monthly gigs.
If I could pick up a few more, well, that would be awesome!
It also gives me inspiration and allows me to play with my burlesque routines by incorporating fitness routine moves into them.

I am grateful that I have picked up some contract work drafting.
It's bringing in some extra cash too.

I have been thinking of other ways to earn a little extra cash as the part time job hunt has been futile and a little crazy - in the psycho way of the folks I've interviewed with.

My lovely friend has given me an opportunity to teach a monthly class at her burlesque school.
This I am extremely excited about.
Tonight is the first class.  I know I have one person signed up, haha.
And it's a friend, hehe.
Next month, I will have to do more creative advertising other than facebook blasts.
Shameless plug here:

I'm almost tempted to do a bake sale, lol.
How contradictory is that?
Although, the folks at S's work love when I make lunches for them.
Maybe I should start charging them?
Maybe just a delivery fee, lol?

Isn't it a conundrum?
Wanting so badly to compete?

On another note, I've given a friend (also another burlesque performer and one of my besties) the bug.
I love that she asked me to help her around April.
I told her why not start by trying the Jamie Eason Live Fit 12 Week Trainer.
She would send me side by side pics, beginning, half-way and end.
She did so amazing!
Now, she's moving on to get even more serious with weight training and changing her eating lifestyle more.
It makes me so proud and happy for her and her accomplishments!
Go, Joey, Go!!
I'm hoping that she will one day want to compete, and then, I will have a partner in crime and misery, lol.

In the meantime, I'm just going with the flow of things.
Everything always has a way of working out.
This just proves that I need to work on my skill of patience more.
After all, I am not in NEED and we live comfortably.
We have extra to work on the dreams that we have together.
For this, I am extremely thankful.
If nothing else, I'm given opportunities to perform!
 Plus, El Sammy Beasto (that's my pet name for my husband, yes I'm a weirdo) and I have been bringing another dream to life.
We're building a gypsy vardo!
Eventually, we will live the tiny life and be able to do crazy things ALL the time.
I need to update there because, yep, another option has poked it's head out!
See, this is what I mean, we have wonderful things happening that we do together.
Competing is just a cherry on top of that sundae.

Have an awesome one!



Lacey said...

I just love when you write about burlesque... I've always wanted to try it!

I'm right in that same boat, wanting so badly to compete but just don't have the time or money. And seriously, we all need breaks.. for body and mind.

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Here is how I read your post, "blah blah blah blah PHOTO". You look amazeballs! Are you kidding me? You, my dear, are my muse.

Love you,
The Glamorous Housewife