Friday, 31 August 2012

I got nothing.

This is good.
The only thing is that I have been extremely tired, but I have no real clue why.
Yep, I really just want to sleep, a ton.
That, however, does not happen.

Otherwise, it's been the usual.

I have gained more muscle at the last check in with the coach.

I have been purging around the house more.
How in the world did we acquire so much crap?
I mean, we have like 4 artificial Christmas trees in the crawl space.
Finally, I am able to get rid of all of my college notes, tests, papers, and text books.
I know that I won't need them so why have boxes of them wasting space?
Bagged up about three bags full of trashy paperback romances, but I have to add they were read, heh.

I have been trying to abstain from spending mindless time on the computer as much.
Damn you pinterest.
I did spend the past couple of days glued to the wwl tv site though watching Hurricane Isaac.
It flooded the town that I grew up in, my old hood too.
So many friends and family lost everything.
Then it moved on up to where my parents and grandparents are living now.
So I kept watching and calling everyone to check on them, when I could get through.
A little harrowing, but everyone is alive so that is a wonderful thing.  Things can be replaced, they can't!

We FINALLY have veggies producing in the garden boxes!
This is the first year that I'm not begging people to take veggies off of my hands because it took forever for stuff to produce this year.  I mean, I saw our FIRST zucchini this week!
I'm also excited because I saw our first heirloom tomato!
It's just been a weird year because by now, I'm sick of all the veggies and am trying to dehydrate, freeze or do something with our plethora. This year has definitely made me not take it for granted now.

Other than that, we got the RV moved.  Sam has been spending all of his spare time demolishing it.
I'm going to spend this weekend down with him helping and taking measurements to make some plans and materials lists.  We're also looking for some land for sale in that area.  Lots of ranches, farms, trees, rural, small town qualities.  Love it.
It would be awesome to find something.  Especially because down there it means we could have chickens and nubian milking goats!
The suburban area that we live in now has restrictions on EVERYTHING - good, but bad for folks like us who like to "farm."


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