Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I am so ADD with things!

I think that I have overstimulated myself with perusing the darn web.
It is clearly a wonderful thing with all of it's DIY ideas, recipes, colorful photos, critter cuteness and so much more.
It crams my head with far too many ideas!!!
I have so many half started craft projects.
I have magazines and, probably, hundreds of bought and unread books piled up.
On a side note, I have made a concerted effort to turn off the computer when I'm finished my contract work for the day and to spend my time when I finally get to bed trying to read those magazines, comics, and books.

We are very much on a path to simplify and reduce.
I am still trying to remove at least one, but hopefully more articles each day.
We are hoping to move the future vardo this weekend.
When that happens, we plan on spending every weekend and maybe more time if we can squeeze it in to go full force on working on that.
But in the plan of simplifying, I keep taking on more projects, more ideas, more commitments.
I really, really want to dig old Betty Blue out from beneath the tons in the garage and begin riding her again.  Slowly, but surely, I want to be adept at riding uphills. 
S bought me a back rack for her, and in the future, I see panniers for her.

(back rack not yet installed - that will be a fun project for me)
I blame my reading of far too many biking blogs for my dreams of just wandering the country biking and camping.
 Then again, that's what the vardo will be for!

I have begun a "pen pal" project with ladies that I've met on Facebook and friends from real life.
Nothing major.
I plan on randomly sending out cards, postcards, just silly things because I miss the art of correspondence by snail mail.

I am planning on doing the natural competition in October.
With that, I have taken on some more roles with my coach in hopes of offsetting costs.
It's good stuff, exciting stuff.

I go today for body stat update.

I have been playing with new strength moves.
It's funny that I will randomly stop where ever I am, drop to the floor, and become a pretzel.
I am working on "new" burlesque costumes and routines for next month.
The good part is that I'm making them from fabric and notions that I already have = saving money.

I KNOW that I spend far too much time perusing competitor's sites, blogs and photos.
This is both good and bad for me.
I find it inspiring.
I am also weak and find it intimidating.
This is yet another reason that I am trying to dwindle down my computer browsing.
I begin the "negative" talk about never reaching that level of bad ass, awesome.
In actuality, I want to reach "MY" level of awesome.
I want to continue to enjoy my working out and eating and not feel deprived, completely drained or make myself feel like a failure because I'm not cut and ripped to no end.
I do not want to eat crazy restricted diets, work out 2x a day, use weird supplements, or things that I read many other competitors do.
THAT is my goal.
Luckily, I have not had to nor been suggested to do that.
I love eating a variety of foods with no food group completely eliminated from my diet.
Of course, I'm a pig.
I guess that I'm not "hard core" either in that I don't care if I ever go "pro" or get sponsored or win every competition.
My coach asked me "What's your goal for competing?"
I want to enjoy the process, not dread it.

We plan more and more about our gardening and how to increase that during the winter.
Hence, I have tons of heirloom gardening, back to basics (really old) farming and organic gardening magazines and books.  This stuff really excites me.
From there grows my thoughts on a more plant based diet in the future, if I can get an abundance to grow, hahaha.
This leads to me thinking of vegetarian body builders.....

Now, you see the random, crazy thought process that goes through my head daily.
Jumping back and forth like a grass hopper on crack.
And this isn't even the half of it!!


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