Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August, I have decided that you will be my bitch.

(from Nicole Wilkins FaceBook page)

I liked it, so I'm using it.
Gonna work on me.
Small steps again.
I know I'm not bad, but I want to be better.

I am really admiring Physique physiques lately.
Will I ever get to that level?
Who really knows?
I would love to look like I'm flexing and not be though.
At least, my butt still looks decent, even with the little fluff.
I know because I made the hubby take a picture of my back pose and he captured my tush.
I just wanted to see if my back still flared!
Now I know what my rear looks like too.

Also, one day, I will get one of these tanks
because It's SO true!

I love carrot and red velvet with cream cheese icing.
No lie.

And on page 26 of the Oxygen Glutes special there is a recipe for no bake chocolate brownies.
Guess who happens to have all of those ingredients in the house.....
even pitted prunes?!
Yeah, you tend to keep those around as you get, ahem, older.

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