Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sing It!

I don't care who knows it, but I love Journey.
This little comic from a friend really hit me this morning.
It made me giggle.
As cheesy as it sounds, it made me remember to, well, don't stop believin'.

I know that I have gotten stuck and sucked into the mire of tragedy lately.
So much death....
Now, I won't exaggerate the situation.
We were not "besties" with any of the people that I told you about.
We were of those that have a great acquaintanceship with them.
Bartenders at two different places that we frequented.
So it was one of those things where we went in every week to two weeks, sat and discussed movies, life, fun stuff going on, getting to know them though.
One of those were a victim who died.
The other two, I am very happy, are on the mend. 
It affected me all weekend.
One minute they are there, next, gone.
It's haunting.
We hung with mutual friends Friday and part of Saturday, trying to get over the shock.

For some reason, this silly, little comic rocked me back to earth.
I have goals.
My husband and I have dreams.
We will pursue as many as we can.
We will work toward them.
If we believe and want them enough, well, we'll make them happen.
We will also cherish and make more time for family.
We will cherish moments and memories.

So, here I go trying to get back on track and make things happen.
Good things.
And no, Steve Perry, I will not stop believing......

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