Monday, 16 July 2012

A Funny

And that happened.
Did a quick leg workout and jumped on the stepmill for a while.
I had not been on the stepmill in probably a month or more.
I should have known what would happen.
Not only was there boob sweat, it looked like I had pee-d my pants too.
It was good, though.

Not sure what exactly made today different.
I mean, I have been continually working out even though I have not felt like it.
I feel better.


Amanda said...

I'm impressed you are working out in this heat. It's 100 degrees here in MN and I'm just too lazy to exercise. Love the quote. I have that problem without even moving, unfortunately :)

The workout has to be good for the stress (per "Roller Coaster" post). Glad you feel better

FIGUR(E)-atively Speaking said...

I am so glad you "feel better". I hope it continues that way for you. Life has a way of really being crappy sometimes, huh? Thanks for sharing your ups, downs and in-betweens. Take care! :)